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"Pre-installing Bitdefender antivirus products will generate revenue and be a way to differentiate their products from the competition."


Bundling or Pre-installation

Adding Value To Your Product or Service

Companies facing strong competition and razor thin margins need to leverage as many different methods to attract users to their products. Bundling Bitdefender products with your hardware, software, or web-based products adds value to your products and generates additional income. Bundling Bitdefender products is easy and does not require a team of technical developers, security experts, or additional customer support. Bundling or pre-installing Bitdefender products is fast and can quickly help you generate revenue without the need to manage the accounting or sales operation. All these features are built into the program.

Why Bundle or Pre-install Bitdefender solutions

  • Generate revenue by adding Bitdefender products to your product or service.
  • Offer incentives to generate incremental income with product or service.
  • Differentiate your product by adding trial or free Bitdefender products.
  • Add value to your product or service integrating antivirus solutions.
  • Does not require dedicated technical resources.
  • Does not require an antivirus security expert on your team.
  • Does not require you to hire additional customer support personnel.
  • Does not require deep experience or technical security knowledge.
  • All technical support is provided by Bitdefender.
  • All revenues are tracked and reports provided by third party payment processor.
  • Dedicated account managers that want to work with partners to improve revenue.

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