Facebook under UK Scrutiny for Emotion Study

Facebook may have broken data protection laws when it organized a psychological study on 700,000 of its users without their knowledge, BBC reports.

UK Police Seek to Starve Online Pirates of Revenue

The UK is looking to cut revenue sources of pirate sites living off illicit advertising as they damage the country’s economy, according to Mike Weatherley, the intellectual property advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron.

UK’s £4 Bn App Market `Most Exciting on Planet,’ Google Says

The UK app industry – “the most exciting on the planet” - will generate £4bn in revenue this year and will grow 10-fold by 2025, Google said during its developers’ conference, according to The Inquirer.

UK News Websites Hacked

The websites of daily tabloid The Sun and weekly newspaper Sunday Times were defaced by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) to back their support for the government of the embattled Middle Eastern nation, according to the hackernewsbulletin.com.

UK Government Says Spying on Brits is Legal

Mass surveillance of Brits on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google is legal since it can be classified as “external communications,” according to Privacy International.

UK Businesses Don’t Take Security Seriously, Study Says

British businesses are exposing themselves to security breaches as 75% of them allow employees to connect their mobile devices to the corporate network, a Samsung study reveals.

UK Emergency Services Recording Tools Vulnerable; Police, Paramedics and Fire Service Impacted

Critical Vulnerabilities that could enable hackers to take control and escalate privileges have been found in recording tools used by the UK Emergency Services, according to The Guardian.

UK ICO and European Data Authorities to Investigate eBay's Data Breach

The British Information Commissioner and data authorities from Europe are concentrating their efforts on eBay's massive data breach, according to The BBC.

Alleged `Anonymous’ Hacker Hijacks Twitter Account of British National Party Official

A hacker who claims affiliation with the hacktivist group Anonymous hijacked the Twitter account of Nick Griffin, MEP and leader of the British National Party, according to The Telegraph.

Most UK Pirate Movie and TV Sites Filled With Malware

Most of the UK’s illicit media and television websites harbor malware or credit card scams, according to a report commissioned by the Industry Trust for Intellectual Property Awareness.

New UK Police Unit Shuts 2,500 Black Market Sites in Eight Months

The UK's Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has shut down around 2,500 sites accused of selling counterfeit goods since the unit was launched eight months ago, according to v3.co.uk.

Nine Men Sentenced to Prison for £1.25 Million Worth of Bank Fraud in UK

Nine men have been sentenced to prison by the UK's Southwark Crown Court for £1.25 million worth of bank fraud, according to a Metropolitan Police press release. The individuals were involved in a cyber-criminal group and received a total 24 years and nine months in prison.

More than a Fifth of UK Teachers Have Been Cyber-Bullied, Report Says

About 21 per cent of UK teachers reported being cyber-bullied by students, according to a report by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers.

UK Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Targeted by Cyber-Criminals; Data of 480,000 May Have Been Compromised

The Harley Medical Group, a UK-based cosmetic surgery clinic has been targeted by cyber-criminals in an alleged extortion attempt, according to The Guardian. Details of 480,000 people may have been compromised.

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