Cyberbullies Threatened with Two Years in Prison, New UK Law Says

Internet bullies could face up to two years in jail, four times the current penalty, according to new UK laws proposed by UK justice secretary Chris Grayling.

Brits Fear The Internet of Things Will Control Their Lives, Study Shows

As the IoT trend takes off, 58 per cent of UK customers are afraid new technologies will flood their lives unnecessarily, according to a recent KPMG survey.

Police Spied on 3,000 Brits by Accident

Thousands of UK citizens had their phones and online conversations mistakenly monitored by police, according to The Times UK.

UK Law Enforcement and Banks Team-up for Real-Time Alerts

UK law enforcement will provide UK-based banks with real-time alerts on threats to customers' accounts, according to an announcement by banking industry association BBA.

Racing Post Data Breach Impacts More Than 670,000 Accounts

The Racing Post Company lost details of 677,335 user accounts in a data breach from October 2013, according to the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Cybercriminals compromised user information such as passwords, names, addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers.

UK Prisons Fined £180,000 for Storing Unencrypted Data

The British Ministry of Justice has been fined £180,000 for failing to encrypt data of inmates in 75 prisons for almost a year, according to

Irish Credit Unions Allegedly Snooped into Customers’ Private Data

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner has taken steps toward indicting Irish credit unions’ private investigators who allegedly stole private details of customers from the Department of Social Protection, according to the Irish Examiner.

Britain Looks Into Regulating Bitcoins

The British government plans to regulate the use of virtual currencies “to ensure Britain remains a global financial leader,” according to Reuters.

Adult Content Filters Not Popular Among ISP Customers, Report Says

UK internet service providers BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have failed to convince customers to implement a “family-friendly” content filtering system for their children, according to a report by Ofcom, UK telecom watchdog.

UK Govt, ISPs to Ask Users to Stop Illegal Downloads

The UK government and UK-based ISPs have launched the Creative Content UK scheme, a national plan to help combat piracy by warning users who break copyright laws, according to V3.

British Intelligence Can Eavesdrop on Skype Calls

The UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) can intercept users’ Skype messages and calls in real time, according to

NSA Whistleblower Snowden Says UK Gov’t Push for Emergency Surveillance Law `Defies Belief’

Former NSA intelligence specialist Edward Snowden has criticized the government’s rush to push through new British emergency surveillance law initiative, saying it could allow law enforcement and security services a higher access to phone and internet data, according to MyBroadband.

Facebook under UK Scrutiny for Emotion Study

Facebook may have broken data protection laws when it organized a psychological study on 700,000 of its users without their knowledge, BBC reports.

UK Police Seek to Starve Online Pirates of Revenue

The UK is looking to cut revenue sources of pirate sites living off illicit advertising as they damage the country’s economy, according to Mike Weatherley, the intellectual property advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron.

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