UK ICO and European Data Authorities to Investigate eBay's Data Breach

The British Information Commissioner and data authorities from Europe are concentrating their efforts on eBay's massive data breach, according to The BBC.

UK Web Site for Parents Breached via Heartbleed Vulnerability; 1.5 Mln Passwords Reset

Mumsnet, a UK web site for parents, has reset the passwords of all 1.5 million users after a breach due to the Heartbleed vulnerability, according to the BBC. The vulnerability was exploited in this case, causing data loss.

Morrisons Employee Arrested in Data Breach Investigation

A Morrisons employee has been arrested after the supermarket chain suffered a major data breach, according to West Yorkshire Police.

Systems of UK’s Morrisons Supermarket Chain Breached; Staff’s Personal Data Leaked

UK’s Morrisons supermarket chain had its staff payroll data stolen and leaked on the web after a data breach, according to The Telegraph.

UK Domains Will Be Under Review for Offensive Content

All new and current UK registered domain addresses will be put reviewed for terms that encourage or contain sexual offences, according to the BBC.

Google Liable to British Privacy Law, Court Rules

London’s High Court has ruled that Google is not immune to UK privacy laws, giving a green light to a legal action against the company in the UK, according to The Telegraph.

New Lottery Scam Collects Bank Details from Scots

Attackers are targeting people in Scotland with letters informing them they won hundred of thousands of pounds in a Commonwealth of Nations Lottery. Scammers request bank account details to send the money.

UK Banks Prepare for Cyber Attacks

The British financial ecosystem is taking a cyber-security test next month. The stock market, providers of online payment services and banks will enroll in a stress test to assess their ability to fend off cyber-attacks as the online hazards grow in complexity and intensity.

A14 May Be UK’s First Internet-Connected Road

UK might become one of the first countries with an internet-connected road if the trial period will prove the idea feasible. A “smart” road could reduce traffic jams during rush hour or better yet help authorities improve road safety.

Identity Thieves to Be Punished Harshly, Labor Party Proposes

The UK Labor Party plans to introduce strict regulations to help officials prosecute identity thieves easier and harshly.

Hundreds of British Children Become Sex Slaves Online, Some Commit Suicide

Hundreds of UK children become sex slaves because of online predators and some commit suicide as a result, according to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Aberdeen City Council Loses Children Social Services Info; Fined £100k

The Information Commissioner’s Office fined Aberdeen City Council £100,000 after some of the council’s sensitive information ended up on a public website. A council employee took home some sensitive files and unwittingly uploaded them on a public website.

London Police Seeks 4 Million Pounds for New IT System against Cyber-Crime

City of London Police are seeking up to 4 million pounds to build a new IT system against cyber-crime, according to Computerworld UK. Police Commissioner Adrian Leppard wants the money from the Home Office to improve reporting on cyber-crime from across the industry.

One in Four Brits Affected by Vishing

A quarter of Brits fell victim to a vishing attack over the past year, and 43% of the victims were over 50, a report by Financial Fraud Action UK finds in a survey of 2,000 people.

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