DCMS Twitter Account Hacked over Government Expenses Scandal

The Twitter account of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been hacked to protest the ongoing government expenses scandal, according to The Enquirer.

Jamie Oliver Bans Kids from Social Networks, amid Online Safety Concerns

Jamie Oliver, who first announced the birth of his younger kids via Twitter, has banned his children from social media, according to The Guardian. The celebrity chef isn’t the only British parent worried about his kids’ online safety.

Facebook Hires British Bug Hunters with Monoidics Buy

Facebook recruited British bug hunters after buying the UK-based software startup Monoidics that also creates programs to check mobile software for errors, according to Computer World. The social media network made the acquisition to boost its mobile applications platform.

Four Times More Furious Parents after UK Malware Phone Charges

British parents’ anger over huge phone bills has grown after several free apps for children were found to contain malware, according to PhonepayPlus. Complaints to the regulator quadrupled in a year as unexpected bills ran into hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Fewer Charges in UK for Offensive Posts via Social Media

Brits could face fewer charges for offensive messages posted on social networks, according to the BBC. The new guidelines will be soon implemented and will clarify which cases should be prosecuted and whether are of public interest.

UK Police Allegedly “Heavy-Handed” with Internet Trolls

UK Police are accused by campaign groups and Oxford University representatives of being too “heavy-handed” with Internet trolls, such as people posting insulting Tweets, according to BBC.

Facebook UK Hacker Dreams of Security Job

The 26-year-old Briton jailed for hacking into Facebook longs for security job after he won the appeal against his sentence, said The Register.

New Hacking Scandal in Murdoch’s Courtyard, Sky News

The British broadcaster Sky News, part-owned by Rupert Murdoch, admitted it hacked private e-mails as part of news gathering operations. With the executives’ approval, a journalist broke into e-mails on two occasions.

BitDefender Uncovers The Main Facebook App Scam Techniques

Internet security company BitDefender recently ran an analysis of Facebook pitfalls and identified the top scams that malware creators use to convince users to click and install their infected apps.