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Anti-Theft 2013

Bitdefender Anti-Theft

Keep it safe. Keep it yours.

Built by proven #1 security technology, Bitdefender Anti-Theft is a safety net for lost or stolen mobile devices and allows you to remotely control them in case they go missing.

  • Protect both laptops and Android devices
  • Wipe out sensitive information
  • Locate the device on a map (IP technology)
  • Learn when the SIM is replaced
  • Remotely lock it from your online account
  • Force it to answer your next call
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“Bitdefender offers top-notch malware protection and excellent anti-theft support.”

August, 2013.

Complete Anti-Theft Protection

Bitdefender Anti-Theft allows you to rest easy if your device goes missing.
It offers various way to recover your device or to restrict access to your private information.

  • Multi-device


    Use Bitdefender Anti-Theft to protect all your household devices, whether they are laptops, smartphones or tablets.

  • Locate


    Locate your mobile devices, whether it is an Android smartphone or tablet, or even a laptop. Whenever you device goes missing, just go to MyBitdefender and hit “locate”. It’s that simple!

  • Lock


    Want to stop someone from accessing your data? Lock your device and prevent any thief from getting to your private pictures or confidential documents.

  • Password Control

    Enjoy in-depth protection level! Make sure you are the only one allowed to alter the settings and tamper with the Anti-Theft system by using the already in-place password and PIN mechanisms.

  • Wipe

    Is the data on your device simply too valuable to risk any kind of exposure? Just wipe it off from your device.

  • Send Alarm (Android Only)

    Not sure where your device has got to? Maybe it’s under the couch. Remotely command it to make a sound and you’ll hear it cry out for you.

  • SIM Change Notification

    When somebody replaces the SIM card, the new number will be sent to a phone number you have set. Android Only.

  • Direct Contact

    Send an SMS command to make the phone call you back or answer your next call. Android Only.

  • SMS Commands

    Locate, lock or wipe your device with an SMS sent from another phone. Android Only.

  • Thief-Proof

    Gain the extra time you need to protect your mobile device. Bitdefender Anti-Theft cannot be uninstalled by unauthorized people. Additionally, if the thief tries to change the SIM card, a predefined number will always be notified when that happens.

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  • For PC

    • Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1)
    • CPU: 800MHz processor
    • Memory (RAM): 1GB
    • Available free hard disk space: 100MB free space
    • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Android Smartphones

    • Android 2.2 or later
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Total Security 2013

Bitdefender Anti-Theft

Keep it safe. Keep it yours.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft ensures you take no chances when it comes to your devices, in case they go missing.