Emerging Cyber Threats and Innovations: Key Highlights from Black Hat 2023

Marcos Colón

August 17, 2023

Emerging Cyber Threats and Innovations: Key Highlights from Black Hat 2023

The 2023 Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada was the perfect opportunity for some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity – including Bitdefender experts – to gather in an effort to exchange ideas, showcase their talent, and also conduct a little business.

This year, our experts were prepared to discuss some of the most pressing topics on the minds of attendees, including AI’s impact on cyber threats like ransomware, the human touch in cybersecurity innovation, and the transformative power of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) in boosting cyber resilience.

While both pressing and important, these topics only scratched the surface in terms of what was really on the minds of cybersecurity practitioners. For those curious about the endlessly evolving challenges in IoT security, we also had engaging conversations to answer critical questions that shed light on the intricate cybersecurity landscape of the Internet of Things.

While we also came to share new research insights, what we really took pride in was engaging in discord with attendees and answering the questions that mattered most to them. Rather than interrupt the conversations, we pulled our experts aside to dive into some of these topics and asked them what organizations need to do to equip themselves to take a proactive stance on threat defense.

We’ve captured each of these discussions in our YouTube channel, but you can watch our comprehensive video below that captures the insights from our experts, directly from the 2023 Black Hat Conference show floor.



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