Are you ready for Computer Security Day? Brush up on the best cyber tips to improve your security posture and protect your digital identity


November 27, 2023

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Are you ready for Computer Security Day? Brush up on the best cyber tips to improve your security posture and protect your digital identity

Nov. 30 is Computer Security Day, an event that reminds us of the importance of keeping our computers and online lives safe against the threats of the digital era.

More often than not, users overlook the security of their devices and online accounts, offering malicious actors easy access to their personal data.

Your entire life can be turned upside down in an instant should a device or account be compromised. Although we can’t control the actions of cybercriminals, we all play a crucial role in safeguarding our computers and online identities against them.

Computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets are gateways to your online identity, work documents and other sensitive information. Take a look at our recommended cybersecurity strategies for a worry-free holiday season alongside family and friends.

  • Update, Update, and Update again. The software and operating systems on your devices should always be up to date. Make the most of this day to check your device and update its operating system to the latest version. Do this for your apps and antivirus software too. With every update you make, you deploy important patches or fixes for known vulnerabilities or get additional security features to keep your device safe.

Conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment with Bitdefender to check if your PC is outdated or if you are missing any Windows security patches.

  • Secure your device with a strong password and never leave it unattended in public places. Complex passwords are the first line of defense against unwanted access to data. Use this moment to check if all of your accounts are secured with a unique and complex password, and enable 2FA and MFA.

Need help generating new, secure and complex passwords for every account? Check out Bitdefender Password Manager

  • Use secure wireless networks whenever you connect to the internet to work, play, shop or conduct banking transactions.
  • Back up your sensitive data, documents and other important files in case of compromise
  • Stay vigilant against malware and scams. Every time you go online you need to be aware of potential fake emails, fraudulent websites and malicious apps and software. Do your research, ignore unsolicited requests and think twice before taking out your card to pay for any deal that sounds too good to be true.

On top of examining messages closely and never clicking on unsolicited links and attachments, we highly recommend using a security solution that provides real-time multi-layered protection against all kinds of e-threats.

Bitdefender security solutions offer advanced anti-phishing and anti-fraud and anti-malware protection to keep you and your data safe.

  • Monitor your digital footprint and stay on top of data leaks and breaches. Cybercrooks use digital identities to take over accounts and conduct fraud. Make yourself less attractive to fraudsters by limiting the amount of data you share, reviewing your social media settings, and deleting accounts online accounts you no longer use.

You can stay in the know and take control of the digital you with Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection. Our dedicated identity protection solution continuously monitors the public web and the dark web on your behalf, reporting breaches that put your personal data and identity at risk in real time.

We can help you PROTECT YOUR IMPORTANT this holiday season and beyond!

Take ownership of your digital life and protect your devices by opting for a Bitdefender all-in-one security solution.




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