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How Modern Kids KPC (Keep Parents Clueless)


May 31, 2012

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How Modern Kids KPC (Keep Parents Clueless)

WTH did they say when talking NIFOC to their PFB while there was an AITR? Well, not too much, but enough to pique parents` curiosity.

Children have no doubt tried to dodge parents` oversight since the ancient days of smoke signals and bird calls. So, of course, teenage antics in the days of 3G connections and Facebooking are not entirely new. Nor did the modern day teenager invent acronyms. They do, however, LOL at the ancient gravitas of SPQR.

Modern kids are combining the two: dodging parents through the use of acronyms.

According to parental control specialists, children prefer acronyms mainly for two reasons: to push the speed limit in typing messages to their friends and to bamboozle moms and dads. This is why most acronyms would require linguistic PhDs if there wasn`t for the slang dictionaries available online.

Trying to hide inappropriate behavior from adults` prying eyes, children use acronyms at tricky moments: when a teacher is looking over their shoulder reading their SMS or when they leave the computer on and parents swoop down on their Instant Messaging. Acronyms such as POW, CD9 or GNOC are just a part of the clandestine words teenagers use in trying to dodge their parents when having a conversation they consider intimate, and parents are lurking.

A good way to keep things in the safe region is parental control software that takes acronyms into consideration whether analyzing an IM conversation or scanning a webpage. Dangerous acronyms are blocked just like swear words. HOTforSecurity came up with a list of the most common acronyms children use for sex or drug terms and to talk about their moms and dads. Don`t be yet proud that your kids are talking about you! Wait until you find out what they`re saying”¦

Acronyms about parents:

AITR = Adult In The Room

CD9 = Code 9, Parents Are Around

KPC = Keeping Parents Clueless

MOS = Mom Over Shoulder

P911 = Parent Emergency/Alert

PAC = Parents Are Coming

PAHSITNR = Parents Are Having Sex In The Next Room

PAIR = Parents Are In Room

PAL = Parents Are Listening

PAW = Parents Are Watching

PIR = Parent In Room

PLOS = Parents Looking Over Shoulder

POS = Parent Over Shoulder

PRW = Parents Are Watching

PRWSS = Parents Are Watching Stop Speaking

PUNL = Parent Using No Slang

PWLMS = Parents Won’t Let Me Stay

PWTMTOTH = Parents With Too Much Time On Their Hands

With such an ever-changing armory of acronyms for kids, HotforSecurity would like to suggest some new ones to arm parents.

TOPC ” Turn on Parental Control

DWCTS ” Daddy Will Confiscate That Smart Phone

YOG! ” You Are Grounded!

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This article is based on the technical information provided courtesy of Tudor Florescu, Bitdefender Online Threats Analyst and Mihaela Masdrag, Product Manager at Bitdefender Technologies.




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