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It’s Mario time! Celebrate Mar10 Day with a crisp gaming experience and no Oh-no’s with Bitdefender


March 07, 2024

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It’s Mario time! Celebrate Mar10 Day with a crisp gaming experience and no Oh-no’s with Bitdefender

March 10 is Mar10 Day, a merrymaking event for fans of Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise and beloved characters Italian plumber brothers Mario and Luigi, and none other than Princess Peach.

Mar10 Day makes an excellent opportunity for the gaming community to snatch some discounts on some of the most popular Mario games and participate in online sweepstakes.

However, Mar10 also gives scammers the opportunity to strike at Nintendo fans across the globe. With the yearly Mario event just around the corner, fraudsters have enough leeway to figure out their attacks.

Just think of the recent announcements from Nintendo, teasing two Mario series games Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD, the release of the extremely limited Mario Red Edition for Nintendo Switch, as well as a potential LEGO’s surprise in the form of the new Mario-themed sets.

The two plumber brothers, Mario and Luigi, face numerous obstacles in the Nintendo video games, as do gamers in the digital realm.

From exclusive merchandise for Mario enthusiasts to special Mario-themed sales and sweepstakes, the 2024 Mar10 festivities sound like a blast for gamers.

So, while you’re busy shopping and playing some iconic Mario games, don’t forget to stay vigilant and keep in mind these tips:

  • Scrutinize unsolicited correspondence promoting too-good-to-be-true deals, limited edition merch, and websites where you can download or play unreleased games.
  • Be wary of social media posts or ads offering you access to leaked details or sneak peeks regarding unreleased game mods, characters or DLCs or new LEGO sets.
  • Always research any new deals, offers and stick to official stores and platforms whenever you decide to purchase.
  • Install a security solution to protect against malicious websites, software and fraud.
  • Avoid taking surveys that ask for personally identifiable information in exchange for freebies or access to special content.
  • Use Bitdefender Scamio, our free AI-powered scam detector specifically designed to help you immediately distinguish between genuine and fake messages, emails or offers.

You, too, can say ‘arrivederci’ and kick digital miscreants out the door while enjoying an incredible gaming experience with Bitdefender.

It’s-a good time to boost your gaming experience and online safety with Bitdefender security solutions and enjoy the perks of customizable user profiles designed to reduce system workload and slowdowns for an uninterrupted gaming experience. We’ll temporarily halt pop-ups and alerts and postpone any automatic updates or scheduled systems scans so you can fully enjoy your game session while continuing to benefit from award-winning threat detection.

Even a celeb like Mario would give a big "Wahoo!’ for this one!

Try Bitdefender security solutions here and benefit from unbeatable threat detection and minimal impact on your system performance!




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