Notorious hacking group claims Ticketmaster data breach; Personal details of 560 million customers potentially compromised


May 31, 2024

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Notorious hacking group claims Ticketmaster data breach; Personal details of 560 million customers potentially compromised

The threat actor group called ShinyHunters has claimed responsibility for a data breach at global events giant Ticketmaster.

The criminal group is now selling the stolen database, which allegedly contains the personal information of 560 million customers, on a Russian hacking forum.

According to ShinyHunters' post, the listing is available for “one-time sale” for a whopping $500,000 and claims to contain 1.3GB of customer information, including names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, ticket sales, event information, credit card details (last four digits of used credit card, expiry date), and “customer fraud details.”

Source: BleepingComputer

Law enforcement, including the FBI and Australian National Office of Cyber Security, are investigating the claims.

Until Ticketmaster and law enforcement verify and confirm the hack, we advise customers to be proactive about their online security and begin monitoring for malicious activity.

  • Check for any updates via official channels and Ticketmaster
  • Monitor financial accounts for suspicious activity. If you notice any fraudulent activity, contact your financial institution and cancel your credit card.
  • Scrutinize unrequested messages and emails that require urgent action or request sensitive information
  • Change your Ticketmaster account password. Users should reset their passwords even if the alleged breach does not mention compromised credentials. Choose a unique and strong password.

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