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Solution Briefs

The Blueprint for a Secure Hyperconverged Datacenter

As a progressive IT leader, you are all about business enablement, service availability and operational efficiency. You demand an IT architecture that provides a better return on investment, facilitates agile service provisioning and seamlessly scales as your needs grow. You need the flexibility to use the most effective and economical application delivery option—whether it is private or public cloud. That’s why you run your datacenter on Nutanix. When it comes to protecting Nutanix infrastructure, however, not all security products are created equal. A certified Nutanix AHV-Ready solution, GravityZone Datacenter Security is the only server workload security platform that enables out-of-the-box automation on Nutanix, helping ensure compliance while reducing operating costs and increasing infrastructure utilization across the enterprise cloud.


Secure Browsing – powered by Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenServer Direct Inspect APIs and Bitdefender HVI

This white paper outlines the gaps in providing a secure browser, including research into data breach trends and provides a practical solution for centralizing and securing browsers. The solution includes combining Citrix and Bitdefender technologies in an innovative approach centered on new virtualization and hypervisor introspection technologies


Stop Fileless Attacks at Pre-execution

Threat actors are shifting to fileless attacks. Experts would tell you that these attacks cannot be prevented by endpoint security solutions. At Bitdefender, we challenge ourselves to protect our customers against the full spectrum of threats – file-based and fileless malware.


PCI DSS v3.0 Compliance

As retailers and e-commerce organizations continually examine security solutions to uphold PCI DSS requirements, they face a threat environment that is in constant change.

This solution brief describes an approach that goes beyond traditional endpoint security in physical, virtual and mobile environments, and describes how GravityZone delivers high performance in all three, without sacrificing protection and compliance needs for PCI DSS v3.0.


Virtualization-centric Security for VMware Environments

In an ever-evolving virtualization landscape, security and compliance remain key concerns for organizations looking to adopt cloud computing models. Current approaches to security for datacenters still rely on traditional in-guest agents that are too resource-heavy and diffi cult to manage in virtualized environments