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Bitdefender Family Pack
Protect all your family’s devices

You can use the Bitdefender Family Pack license for all the devices a family member has. Family Pack can cover up to 3 family members.

Bitdefender Family Pack
up to 3 family members, 1 Year

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“Bitdefender is this year’s winner”

PC MAG | January 2014

“clear winner in the fight on malware.”

AV-Comparatives CEO Andreas Clementi January 2014

“more dead-accurate and silent than ever.”

AV-Test CEO Andreas Marx January 2014

Protect your digital life with the #1 Antivirus technology

PC Users

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 builds on #1 ranked anti-malware technology to secure online transactions, protect mobile devices from loss/theft, automatically back up files, and Tune-Up PCs.

  • Protects Online Banking and e-Shopping

  • Safeguards laptops from loss or theft

  • Keep your kids safe online with Parental Control

  • Windows 8 compatible

  • Not just any security. Silent Security!

    How effective can an anti-malware product be if you have to be a rocket scientist to properly use it? Bitdefender Autopilot quietly makes all the security-related decisions for you - allowing you to enjoy your PC without interruptions or slowdowns.

  • Bank & shop online with complete confidence!

    Never worry about hackers stealing your account information again! Bitdefender Safepay™ automatically opens all your e-banking and e-shopping pages in a separate iron-clad, secure browser.

  • Keep control of your lost or stolen mobile devices

    How would it be for your security software to protect you from more than just online threats? Bitdefender Anti-Theft gives you a head start in locating, locking or wiping your lost or stolen laptops or netbooks.

  • Unparalleled Internet protection

    Bitdefender stops emerging e-threats that other products miss by capitalizing on live and virtualized behavior-based detection, in addition to cloud-based services.

  • Safe Social Networking

    You trust your online friends. But do you trust their computers? Protect yourself, and your friends, from malware threats that attempt to exploit the trust you’ve built with them. With Bitdefender you can stay safe on Facebook, Twitter and any other popular social networks.

  • Total Privacy

    Threats to your privacy keep diversifying. Your e-mail, your messaging, your entire Web presence and activities can be targeted. Bitdefender addresses them all, protecting your data with a range of specialized modules and functions.

  • Full Computer Speed

    Bitdefender 2013 takes “scheduled scanning” to a whole new level and has no impact on computer performance, as the scanning only takes place when your system is idle.

  • MyBitdefender dashboard

    See all the status and licensing information about your software and services in your own, MyBitdefender dashboard. Now accessible from anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-connected device.

  • Security Widget

    Enables you to keep track of all of your security related tasks, plus lets you quickly and easily drag-and-drop files for quick scanning for malware - right from your desktop!

  • Parental Control

    Blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours, and helps you remotely monitor your children's online activity – even on Facebook!

  • USB Immunizer

    Immunizes any Flash Drive from viruses, when they are connected to your computer, so that you never worry again about USBs infecting you or your friends.

  • Active Virus Control

    A proactive, dynamic detection technology which monitors processes’ behavior in real-time, as they are running, and tags suspicious activities.

  • Rescue Mode

    If e-threats, such as rootkits, cannot be removed from within the Windows operating system, the computer is re-booted in Rescue mode—a trusted environment which is then used for cleanup and restoration.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

    Checks for missing or outdated security software, missing Windows security patches, as well as potentially unsafe system settings.

  • Antispam

    Stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your Inbox.

  • Two-way Firewall

    Continuously monitors your Internet connections and prevents unauthorized access, even over a Wi-Fi network.

  • Bitdefender Autopilot™

    Bitdefender Autopilot™ provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without input from you. This means no pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.

  • Search Advisor

    The Link Filter relies on intelligence provided by Bitdefender Cloud services to flag malware and phishing attempts in search engine results.

  • Personal Data Filter

    Prevents critical data (such as anything even resembling your social security number) from ever leaving your computer.

  • Antiphising

    Analyzes and blocks websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts.

  • File Shredder

    Ensures that no traces of your deleted sensitive files remain on your PC

  • File Encryption

    Locks up confidential files in an encrypted vault.

  • Scan Dispatcher

    The Scan Dispatcher finds and uses time-slices when system resource usage falls below a certain threshold to perform recurring scans of your entire system. This way Bitdefender does not interfere with user-initiated actions and does not impact system responsiveness.

  • Tune-Up

    Your security software isn’t slowing down your computer. So what is? Bitdefender Total Security comes complete with a Tune-Up module, which cleans up your file system and registry for enhanced performance.

  • Online Storage and Sharing – Bitdefender Safebox™

    Stores and protects your important or sensitive files in a secure online location, so you can manage and access safely, from all your devices – iPhones, iPads, Android phones or PCs. The first 2 GB come from us free!

  • Bitdefender Safepay™

    Keeps hackers at bay by automatically opening all your online banking pages in a separate, secure browser.

+ Load More Features - COLLAPSE FEATURES

Mac Users

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac proactively protects Macs against the new breed of Mac viruses. Plus, it destroys Windows viruses (which don't affect Macs) so that you don't accidentally pass them on to your family, friends and colleagues using PCs.

  • Stops Windows viruses from transmitting to other PCs

  • Protects your identity online

  • Proactively blocks “Flashback” and any other new malware or spyware

  • Keeps to the familiar Mac user experience

  • Can Macs really get infected? Unfortunately they can and they do.

    The “Flashback” trojan recent mass infection is just one example of why Macs need proactive antivirus software to stop malware or spyware.

  • Did you know you can have a Windows virus on your Mac without even knowing it?

    Make sure you don’t pass these viruses on to your friends who are using Windows.

  • Don’t risk your privacy online!

    Make sure no one steals your personal information through phishing attacks.

  • An optimized experience that fits Mac Operating Systems

    Click on the desktop icon to enjoy quick access to the most common security tasks, or simply drag & drop files right on it for instant scanning of files.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

    will also schedule full system/drive scans in the off hours, when your Mac is not in use or quarantine suspicious documents.

+ Load More Features - COLLAPSE FEATURES

Android Devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security provides smart antivirus and web security for devices running Android. Its in-the-cloud scanning technology detects even the latest threats without putting a strain on the battery.

  • Protects your Smartphones and Tablets from loss or theft

  • Detects & warns you of risky websites

  • Cleans any type of mobile malware

  • Is feather-light for your battery

  • Constantly hear of other losing their mobile devices? Know yours is safe!

    With Bitdefender Mobile Security you can locate, lock, and even wipe your mobile devices if they go missing, 24/7, right from the Web, or by sending an SMS.

  • Malware on Android is no longer a rarity

    This is why Bitdefender Mobile Security scans any newly-installed app with our permanently-updated online cloud and also flags any sites known to contain malware.

  • Protect yourself from much more than infections

    Bitdefender Mobile Security also scans every website you try to access for ID Theft and numerous other fraud attempts before they load.

  • What is a good Mobile antivirus if it drains your battery?

    Bitdefender Mobile Security acts with virtually no battery life impact, thanks to its cloud-based threat detection and top-of-the-line security services.

  • Bitdefender Mobile Security

    will also scan applications on demand, or tell you which of them try to access the Internet or sensitive data (Contacts list, Messages, Calendar entries, Photo gallery). It will also indicate what applications have been granted the permission to access billable device functions such as making phone calls or sending text messages.

+ Load More Features - COLLAPSE FEATURES


(on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the highest protection)













January - December 2013

Independent IT Security Institute AV-Test.
Home User Category.

“leaves your device spotless”

Andreas Marx, CEO AV Test, January 2014


(on a scale of 0 to 6 and 6 being the lowest impact)













January - December 2013

Independent IT Security Institute AV-Test.
Home User Category.

“smallest possible impact
on your PC performance”

Andreas Marx, CEO AV Test, January 2014

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For PC

  • Minimal system requirements:

    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8 ;
    • CPU: 800MHz processor;
    • Memory (RAM): 1GB; Available free hard disk space: 1.8 GB free space (at least 800 MB on the system drive)
  • Recommended system requirements:

    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8;
    • CPU: Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent processor;
    • Memory (RAM): 1 GB (Microsoft Windows XP), 1.5 GB (Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8); Available free hard disk space: 2.8 GB free space (at least 800 MB on system drive)
  • Software requirements:

    Internet Explorer 7 and higher; .NET Framework 3.5 (automatically installed by Bitdefender if necessary)

  • Supports/Integrates with:

    Firefox 3.6 and higher; Thunderbird 3.0.4; Outlook 2007, 2010; Outlook Express and Windows Mail on x86

For smartphones & tablets

  • Minimal system requirements:

    • Android 2.2 or later
    • An active Internet connection
  • Software requirements:

    Default Android browser

For Macs

  • Intel-based Macintosh running the one of following operating systems:

    • Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 or later)
    • Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6 or later)
    • Mac OS X Lion (10.7 or later)
    • Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8 or later)

    Minimal system requirements:

    • 1 GB of RAM Memory
    • Minimal normal (4:3) display resolution: 1024 x 768
    • Minimal wide display resolution: 1024 x 640
    • 300 MB available hard disk space
    • An internet connection is required to register and update Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac
  • Antiphishing protection is available with:

    • Safari 5.0.1 (or higher)
    • Firefox 3.5 (or higher)
+ System Requirements
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