Advice on Twitter spam protection from BitDefender

26 August 2009

With the popularity of social networking platforms such as Twitter on the rise, cyber criminals have found an easy target among unsuspecting users. BitDefender offers advice on how Twitter users can avoid falling prey to some of the most common tricks regularly employed by hackers.

BitDefender Total Security 2010 promises maximum protection, speed and improved usability

17 August 2009

New features include user profiles enabling customers to tailor the program to match their ability and specific needs; advanced active virus control for additional protection and optimised scanning that speeds on-demand performance

Anti-virus protection, fresh out of the pan for Image on Food

10 August 2009

When it came to renewing its anti-virus solution, gingerbread specialists, Image on Food took the opportunity to look for an alternative to the big brand product it was using at the time.

BitDefender reports e-threats adapting to online behavioral trends

06 August 2009

Changes in content and distribution medium

Trojans rule BitDefenders top ten e-threats for July

30 July 2009

Trojan.Clicker.CM bypassing popup blockers.

BitDefender for HTTP Proxy for Linux available for Beta Testing

21 July 2009

BitDefender for HTTP Proxy offers SMBs a First Look at New Malware Protection Technology for High Volume HTTP Network Traffic

Skintrim debuts in BitDefenders top ten e-threats list

03 July 2009

BitDefender released today a list of the top ten e-threats for the month of June. Trojans continue to dominate the list, occupying five of the ten positions, including the top three

Trojans prevail in top e-threats list

03 June 2009

BitDefender released today a list of the top ten e-threats detected in May

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