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BitDefender reports UK home computer users are concerned about online identity theft, but weak on effective countermeasures

May 2008

According to BitDefender, a global vendor of antivirus and Internet Security solutions, UK computer users are still vulnerable to attack by cyber criminals, even though they have greater awareness of the risks involved in using the Internet for personal transactions.

The conclusions come from an Anti-virus survey commissioned by BitDefender to coincide with the opening, in April of its new headquarters and training facilities in Stone , Staffordshire. The survey was based on a sample of 700 British home computer users who were asked about their online activities by a leading market research company.

The results confirm, that the vast majority, over 80 percent, are concerned about the risks of online identity theft, says Nick Billington, BitDefender country manager UK and Ireland.

Risk of Identity Theft
What is interesting is that around 48 per cent were not sure of the status of their anti-virus protection, whether or not the license was up-to-date. Only four per cent admitted that they had no current protection in place.

Anti-virus renewed
Asked about routine maintenance of their computers, over 42 percent said that their computer performance had deteriorated noticeably, since it was purchased.

Computer performance
We put this question in to highlight the need for regular tuning and clean-up routines that will ensure optimum performance, said Nick Billington.

Such facilities are a feature of BitDefenders flagship product , Total Security 2008. This solution provides a simple Security Center dashboard showing routine maintenance tasks plus colour coded status buttons for four critical areas; Security, Parental Control, Tune Up and Back Up.

The Tune Up button will clean up and remove redundant registry entries, duplicate files, remove cookies and run a disk defragmenter program.

The value of the Back Up facility is evident as a third of those interviewed in the survey admitted that they had no facilities available to back-up file - documents and digital photographs etc as a precaution against loss of data as a result of a malware attack.