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Bitdefender Wins AV TEST Independent Trials a Fifth Time in a Year

June 2012

Bitdefender beats all 21 other antivirus products in AV-TEST comparisons


Bitdefender®, the award-winning provider of innovative antivirus solutions, became the first company ever to win comparative testing by independent analyst organization AV-TEST five times in a single year.

Rigorous testing in March and April gave Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 17 points, placing it ahead of all 21 other antivirus products tested. This is the fifth AV-TEST win for Bitdefender in the past 12 months, further cementing the company’s lead as the world’s best antivirus provider.

Bitdefender, which also won AV-TEST’s prestigious Best Protection 2011 Award, had the only product tested to win a perfect six points in both the Protection and Repair categories at once for March and April testing. The company scored five points in the Usability category, while no products scored a perfect six.

“Our 2012 product line set a new standard for the anti-malware industry and the latest tests are yet another confirmation of that,” said Viorel Canja, head of Bitdefender Labs. “While our lead in the industry is significant, we aim to widen it demonstrably with the 2013 product line, which we are now preparing.”

AV-TEST trials found Bitdefender rates a perfect 100 percent in protecting against zero-day malware attacks, detection of recent malware and detection of widespread malware. It also scored 100 percent in “detection of actively running widespread malware and “removal of all active components of widespread malware.”

Besides Bitdefender, AV-TEST evaluated other 21 home user security products using their default settings, including Kaspersky, Microsoft’s Security Essentials 2.1, Symantec’s Norton Internet Security, AVG’s Internet Security 2012, and others.

AV-TEST CEO Andreas Marx said: “We’re seriously looking forward to testing the Bitdefender 2013 product line. We were consistently impressed by Bitdefender’s performance so far and we’re curious to see what they have in store for the future.”

AV-TEST Institute, based in Magdeburg, Germany, is a security software analysis firm recognized as an authority by Bitdefender and the entire industry.


For a more detailed breakdown of the AV-TEST results, and historic test data, see