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Clueful Ensures iPhone Apps No Longer Keep Secrets

May 2012

Bitdefender launches world's first iOS app that shows how apps access iPhone owners' private data


Bitdefender, the global leader in computer security technology, announces the launch of Clueful, the world’s first and only app that tells you which iOS apps may be accessing more information than they need.

Clueful, launched May 22 on the Apple App Store, identifies potentially misbehaving apps on your iPhone, giving you an inside look at all the information app developers can gather about you.

Clueful’s sleek interface displays which apps track your location, drain your battery, read and use your address book, hit you up with ads, track and aggregate your usage through multiple analytics networks, are careless with your usernames and passwords or access your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts and more.

 “App developers can ask for, and receive, access to your precise location, your contact list and more information about you when you install their products on your iPhone,”said Alexandru Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Researcher. “Your iPhone is probably the most personal device you own, holding vast amounts of information about what you do, who you are, and where you go. Clueful tells you what kinds of private information apps can access so you can make an informed decision whether to use that app.”

Clueful works by retrieving audit information from the cloud. Clueful will also let you examine an app before installing it, giving you the information you need to decide whom to trust with your personal data.

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