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UK Boosts Cyber Security Investments: £860m Budget and New Cyber Demo Centre

The UK government plans to protect UK businesses against cyberattacks by investing £860 million until 2016. Authorities recently launched a plan to shield small businesses from cyber criminals and opened a new London-based Cyber Demonstration Centre.

Eight out of 10 UK Businesses Report Information Security Breaches in 2014; Damage Triples

Some 82% of UK companies suffered an information security breach last year, and the damage inflicted by the worst breaches has more than doubled.

UK Government Invests £120m to Stimulate Ideas in Digital Technology, IoT

The British government will spend £30m a year for the next four years to help digital businesses and organizations establish infrastructure and test new ideas for users of digital technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), according to news reports.

UK Creates ‘Facebook Warriors’ For Non-Lethal Warfare

The British army plans to designate 1,500 people to engage in psychological operations on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, according to news reports.

UK Wants Access to Encrypted Communications, Prime Minister Says

Encryption online messaging apps such as Snapchat or WhatsApp could be banned in the UK unless the government can access users’ conversations, British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

UK Launches IoT Network in 10 Cities

The nationwide Internet of Things network has been enabled in 10 UK cities to allow communication between smart devices in a “smart city,” British Telecom unit Arqiva announced.

Best Hackers are Russian and Chinese, UK Study Finds

Some 34 per cent of the UK’s cyber-security professionals believe Russians are the most skilled hackers, according to news reports. The Chinese come next, with 18 percent.

Vodafone Leaks Phone Records to UK Police

Vodafone accidentally disclosed the mobile phone records of 1,700 UK journalists to the British police, according to Business Spectator.

Half of UK Firms Would Hire Former Hackers, KPMG Study Shows

Most UK firms consider hiring an ex-hacker to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals, according to a report from KMPG.

UK Government, Insurers Seek to Lead Cyber Security Market

The UK government said it will collaborate with the insurance industry to help position the UK “as a leader in the cyber security insurance market,” according to V3.

Cyberbullies Threatened with Two Years in Prison, New UK Law Says

Internet bullies could face up to two years in jail, four times the current penalty, according to new UK laws proposed by UK justice secretary Chris Grayling.

Brits Fear The Internet of Things Will Control Their Lives, Study Shows

As the IoT trend takes off, 58 per cent of UK customers are afraid new technologies will flood their lives unnecessarily, according to a recent KPMG survey.

Police Spied on 3,000 Brits by Accident

Thousands of UK citizens had their phones and online conversations mistakenly monitored by police, according to The Times UK.

UK Law Enforcement and Banks Team-up for Real-Time Alerts

UK law enforcement will provide UK-based banks with real-time alerts on threats to customers' accounts, according to an announcement by banking industry association BBA.

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