12 Dec 2011

Another man arrested in connection with UK phone hacking scandal

Mulcaire was jailed for hacking the phones of the British royal family in 2007, according to the New York Times. News of the World said it was just the act of "one rogue reporter," but further evidence was found the phone hacking was more widespread when the phone of a murdered girl was found to be hacked by the tabloid.

The Scotland Yard said Mulcaire was charged “on suspicion of conspiring to intercept voice mail messages" and perverting justice. Another woman, Bethany Usher, a former News of the World reporter, was charged earlier in the month, but said she did not do anything wrong.

“I have never been involved in the interception of telecommunications in any way and strictly adhered to the Press Complaints Commission code of practice,” she said in regard to the mobile security breaches. “However, I became disillusioned through working with some who saw human suffering simply as fodder to fill pages. As such, I made the decision to find an alternative career.”