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Computers Without Latest Java Security Patch at Risk from Exploit Kits

Industry analysts are warning that exploit kits released by cyber criminals which target a recently-discovered Java vulnerability are on the loose, and could prove disastrous for people who do not keep current with their OS security patches.

Scareware Company Innovative Marketing Made to Refund Consumers

In a historically unprecedented turn of events, the Ukrainian-founded company Innovative Marketing, which has been in the news for scamming consumers into buying fake anti-virus products, will be giving many people their money back.

Criminals Target Type-o Browsing to Trick Xmas Shoppers into Malware Sites

As festive season shoppers flock online to get their hands on the best deals, security experts are warning people to beware of criminal ‘typosquatters’.

Trojan Malware Exploits Adobe Reader Zero-Day Security Gap

Following the recent discovery of the zero-day Adobe Reader vulnerability, security researches have now uncovered malware that takes nefarious advantage of this flaw.

Why It’s Crucial to Secure All Your Internet Enabled Devices

From tablets and laptops to smartphones, we are increasingly able to stay connected online using a variety of electronic devices. But while this affords us a wealth of useful opportunities while at home and on the move, it is essential to keep them protected against malware threats which have the ability to gain access to our personal information.

Another man arrested in connection with UK phone hacking scandal

The importance of mobile security software in the United Kingdom is highlighted by the News of the World phone hacking scandal, as another man was charged this week by police. Glenn Mulcaire, a private detective, is the 18th arrest in the hacking scandal that began in January.

Keep Your Security Patches Current over the Festive Season

As per a previous blog, the Christmas season is a prime time for cyber criminals to target the public with their malware attacks.

UK residents urged to keep aware of internet security scam

Experts are warning residents of a U.K. city to remain vigilant after an internet security scam has been making the rounds, according to Northern Ireland's Larne Times.

Microsoft claims Java to be the largest malware target

A huge amount of new malware exploits targeting Java programs have been revealed by Microsoft, making up between a third and a half of those noted by their Malicious Software Removal tool.

Zeus Trojan Once Again Attacking Facebook Users

The nefarious Zeus malware has struck again – security analysts are warning Facebook users that it is once again spreading on the social networking platform.

Warning about iTunes Gift Certificate Email Scam

Security experts have issue a warning about a new iTunes malware scam which is circulating in line with today’s Black Friday shopping surge.