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Beware Win 7 Security 2012 Malware

This year has seen a host of sophisticated rogue security tools entering the market, making it tricky for the average user to identify between the real thing and fake scams.

Users Warned of Fake Android App Store Which Carries Trojan Malware

A new malware warning has today been issued - an Android Market lookalike portal is circulating that offers a range of tempting but Trojan infected apps for Google smartphones.

May Sees Alarming Rise in Malware Activity

The latest survey has shown that malware activity was on the rise in May, with peaks of more than 10 million malicious codes being generated per day.

Malware Attack on BitCoin Wallets Causes Major Fears about Virtual Money

A new malware Trojan known as "Infostealer.Coinbit" has been unleashed which allows cyber criminals to steal BitCoin wallets.

Stay Away – ‘Malware Protection’ Is Nasty Cyber Scam

A warning - Malware Protection is one of the latest fake anti-spyware applications that have been circulating.

Trojan Malware Targeting Banking Info Found on Amazon Cloud Servers

Researchers have uncovered alarming malware that steals people’s bank account details hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Apple Sees Rise in Malware Attacks

Apple Mac’s have enjoyed a reputation for being safer when it comes to malware infection compared to PC’s since cyber criminals always tend to target the biggest pool of platform users. Now, with the massive growth in popularity of Mac’s, they’re seemingly coming under the hacker spotlight.

New Variation of DroidDream Malware App Hits Android Platform

Android has suffered the second major malware attack on its Android platform since March – it has again had to pull several malicious mobile applications from its official Android Market.