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Cloud Computing Users Urged to Take Strong Security Precautions

Experts have warned that while businesses might be taking increasing advantage of cloud hosting, they need to be highly vigilant of the related security issues.

Experts Warn of Security Gaps in New Google+ Platform

While the new Google+ social networking platform has been well received as user friendly, security experts have warned that it is has some malware, scam and over-sharing of personal information issues.

Users Say New Google Malware Alert Could Make Cyber Crime Worse

After noticing unusual search traffic during routine maintenance on their data centres, Google has issued an alert to Windows users of possible malware infections on their computers.

Surprising Test Results Show Microsoft’s IE9 Security Outstripping Other Browsers

Recent browser security tests have revealed a rather surprising result – while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has traditionally been known as the browser which carries the most security weaknesses, their latest IE9 has proved to be top at blocking malware and other infection attempts.

Google Criticised for ‘Band-Aid Solution’ of Blocking Domains

Google's move last week to block malware by dumping "" domains has been branded as a "short-term band-aid solution".

Computer Security Survey Finds One in Three Irish People Ignore Antivirus Alerts

The latest survey carried out by Amarách research has revealed that one third of Irish people are leaving their computers wide open to malware infection because they don’t listen to their security warnings.

Top 2011 Malware Vectors and Distribution Networks Revealed

A new Internet security report has revealed the top culprits for malware distribution and infiltration this year.

New BitDefender Malware Removal Tool Launched to Tackle Top Current Threats

Following from my blog article about the diabolic Botnet malware called TDL-4 on the 30th June, the good news is that BitDefender has announced the release of its next generation of Internet security threat removal tools to stamp out the top current one hundred malware threats.

Spear Phishing Attack Targets High Profile Google Email Users

Google has confirmed that some of its high profile users have been targeted for phishing messages, resulting in their passwords being stolen.

Sophisticated New Botnet Malware TDL Takes Cyber Crime to New Levels

A new botnet-building piece of malware called TDL-4 has been described by analysts as "the most sophisticated threat today" and “practically indestructible".

Survey Finds Businesses Complacent about Malware

A new study has found that 49% of companies have accepted that malware security breaches are part and parcel of the cost of doing business.