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Scam hits unsuspecting European business professionals

A telephone scam claiming to sell antivirus software and posing as Microsoft has hit professionals in Europe, according to News Wales. Fraudsters tell the victims to visit a website where they unwillingly give away access to their computer.

UK police warn of Scotland Yard virus

A new computer virus posing as a message from Scotland Yard has begun to circulate in an effort to extort money from unsuspecting web users. People who receive such an email should delete it as quickly as possible, and ensure they are running antivirus software to protect against potential malware.

Many new viruses target online banking every day

With online banking becoming more popular, internet security methods by both banks and end-users need to be up to par, as well. One report is out now that says 780 new pieces of malware are designed to steal users' online banking information every day, meaning users should be as careful as possible online.

Survey shows Israel, Finland and Sweden leading the way in cyber-readiness

While no countries are ranked with five stars for internet security and cyber-readiness in the "Cyber-Security: The Vexed Question of Global Rules" survey by Security and Defence Agenda, Finland, Israel and Sweden seem to be doing a pretty good job with four-and-a-half stars.

How to protect online data

With most companies using document management or some form of program where information is kept in the cloud or online, Cintas Corporation said businesses need to take measures to make sure there are no internet security breaches on this information.