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UK Teen Hacker to Celebrate Birthday in Prison

A teen member of TeamPoison will spend his birthday on Aug. 5 behind bars in the UK after hacking the Anti-Terrorist Hotline and Tony Blair's address book, according to a Police press release.

Former Government Official Criticizes UK Cyber-security

Former government official criticizes UK cyber-security for its “glacial pace” and inertia, which allow online crooks to take advantage of breaches, while the economy suffers, according to

Software Writers to Fight Industrial Cyber-Attacks in UK

An UK cyber security organization has started a competition to find software writers who could defend the British infrastructure from cyber-attacks. Cyber Security Challenge will test competitors’ ability to tackle software vulnerabilities that allow hackers to take down businesses and critical infrastructure, according to a press release.

Two Men Imprisoned for Stealing £1.5m in Phishing Scam

Two men have been jailed in UK after stealing more than £1.5 million from students in a sophisticated phishing scam, according to Metropolitan Police.

UK Phishing Scam Exploits Digital Economy Act

Several phishing e-mails that exploit government anti-piracy plans have started to spread in UK, according to consumer rights campaigners.