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Viruses target children's gaming websites

Scammers are always trying to think of new ways to infect computers, and at least one hacker or group of hackers decided to go after children. Security experts are saying they have detected viruses on more than 60 websites with the words "game" or "arcade" in the title, showing the need to install antivirus software on every computer, especially those children use.

Minimize online security risks

Any device, whether it be a PC, mobile device or tablet, can be tricked into doing things its owner doesn't want it to do with viruses. Even so, there are ways to help increase internet security and stop these security risks that can harm someone's computer and steal their information.

Experts Warn Smartphone Owners about the Rise of Botnet Cyber Crime in 2012

Security experts are cautioning the public to be on their guard against the expected rise in botnets targeted at smartphones in 2012.