27 Mar 2012

Police warning of screen lock scam

“This is a fraud and users are advised not to pay out any monies or hand out any bank details. Payment of any monies will not release this pop-up as it is malware," according to a local policy spokesman. “The PSNI, nor any other Police Service in the UK, will never contact members of the public via email in this manner and demand funds in this way."

The news source said police are reminding local residents to equip their computers with antivirus software in an effort to help fight against scams like this.
Antivirus software can be an extremely useful tool in the fight against spam and scareware. A 2010 story by PCWorld said the most costly security scam of 2010 was scareware due to the amount of money people actually spent on fake antivirus programs. People should educate themselves as to the characteristics of these scams.