30 Nov 2011

UK police warn of ecommerce fraud

While many people try to get as much holiday shopping as possible accomplished online, they may want to first become aware of fraudsters out to get them and invest in an antivirus program. The United Kingdom's Centre for Retail Research said online shopping will take about 20 percent of every pound spent this season, according to Wales Online.

The U.K. government said that about £500 million, or $777.6 million, will be lost in online fraud this year, and much of it will be during the holiday season, according to the news source. The Metropolitan Police said they have closed down about 2,000 fake ecommerce websites looking to scam people out of their money. Get Safe Online managing director Tony Neate told Wales Online that people overlook the "too goo to be true" websites because they want to believe it.

“The pressure to find the perfect gift for the ideal price is now higher than ever and as a result more people are turning to the convenience of the internet,” he said, according to the news source. “Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by promises of ‘unbelievable’ prices."

Stateside, Jennifer Jolly, an editor with Tecca.com, said decoy websites and cyber scammers can clean out bank accounts and ruin holidays for families, according to NY1.com. Online shoppers should use internet security procedures and be aware of where they are shopping this holiday season.