30 Nov 2011

Women may be targeted by fraudsters more in online shopping

While most people may be targeted at some point while using an ecommerce website, women may be especially vulnerable, according to a report from the National Fraud Authority. The United Kingdom study said women could be easy targets for payment card fraud online. Both women and men should use internet security online to protect themselves from rogue malware or viruses meant to harm them.

The study shows that only 8 percent of women age 26 to 35 update their antivirus program before shopping online, making them big targets for hackers and others looking to take their money.

The UK Card Association suggests that women and men shopping online should keep their computer protected, look for websites that have the protected "padlock" icon, register cards used to shop online and always log out after shopping online.

Katy Worobec, an industry expert, told ShopSafe greater vigilence would be needed this Christmas for safe shopping online. She said while it can be tough to tell the difference between harmless websites and ones that look to steal information, antivirus software can go a long way.