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Installing GravityZone on Oracle VM VirtualBox

Bitdefender GravityZone provides full visibility into organizations' overall security posture, global security threats, and control over its security services that protect virtual or physical desktops, servers and mobile devices. All Bitdefender's Enterprise Security solutions are managed within the GravityZone through a single console, Control Center, that provides control, reporting, and alerting services for various roles within the organization.

This article describes how to import and configure GravityZone Virtual Appliance in VirtualBox.


Bitdefender GravityZone is delivered as a virtual appliance. The Bitdefender GravityZone appliance image is available in several different formats, compatible with the main virtualization platforms. To know if your system is compatible with GravityZone, please check the system requirements.

Note: To receive a trial license, go to Bitdefeder website and register.

Installing GravityZone Virtual Appliance

Download Bitdefender GravityZone OVA and MD5 files from the Bitdefender download website.

To be able to use GravityZone, you have to install it, following the steps below.

  1. Import GravityZone OVA file in VirtualBox
    1. Open Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager.
    2. Go to File > Import appliance or press (Ctrl + I). The import wizard is displayed.
    3. Click the Browse button, navigate to the GravityZone OVA file, select it and then click Open.
    4. Click Next to continue and view the appliance settings.
    5. Click Import to load the appliance into the VM manager. Wait until the progress bar disappears.
  2. Configure main GravityZone settings
    1. From the left side pane, select the newly imported appliance and click Start to power it on. Wait until it finishes loading the system. The VM console window is displayed.
    2. Set a password for bdadmin, the built-in system administrator, needed to access the GravityZone appliance configuration area.
    3. Log in to GravityZone Virtual Appliance command line interface (CLI).
    4. Set up Bitdefender GravityZone:
      1. Configure network settings. Make sure it has access to the internet.
      2. Install the GravityZone roles. First install the Database role. After that, install all the other roles.

      For more information, refer to the Deploy and Set Up GravityZone Appliance chapter from Installation Guide.

  3. Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on the GravityZone appliance
    1. Power off the appliance.
    2. Load the Guest Additions image into the CD/DVD drive:
      1. Select the GravityZone appliance and then click Settings. The configuration windows is displayed.
      2. Go to the Storage tab.
      3. In the Storage Tree, click Add CD/DVD Device.
      4. Click Choose disk and select the VBoxGuestAdditions.iso file from the Virtualbox folder.
      5. Click OK to apply the changes and close the window.
    3. Power on the appliance.
    4. Press Alt + F2 to switch to tty2, or connect through SSH with putty.
    5. Enter the bdadmin's credentials.
    6. Type sudo su to get root privileges.
    7. Add the Ubuntu official repositories to the sources file:
      1. Open /etc/apt/sources.list with an editor of your choice.
      2. Copy and paste the text below after the first line.
        # See
        # for how to upgrade to newer versions of the distribution.
        deb xenial main restricted
        deb-src xenial main restricted
        ## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release
        ## of the distribution.
        deb xenial-updates main restricted
        deb-src xenial-updates main restricted
      3. Save the file and close the editor.
    8. Get the list with the latest packages versions from the repositories.
      #apt-get update
    9. Install the build-essential package.
      #apt-get install build-essential
    10. Install DKMS.
      #apt-get install dkms
    11. Install Linux headers.
      #apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
    12. Mount the DVD with the Guest Additions ISO file.
      #mkdir /mnt/dvd
      #mount /dev/dvd1 /mnt/dvd
    13. Install the Guest Additions package.
      #cd /mnt/dvd
      #sh ./

You may now log in to GravityZone Control Center and continue with registration.

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