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  • Working together. Simple, easy and straightforward
  • Lifetime Recurrent & Protected Revenues
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The unique approach in Partner Advantage Network gives enterprises the ability to reinvent their security in order to better adapt and meet the challenges of today.
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Bitdefender Partner Program's unique approach enables business partners to reach high profits, receive account protection, and access lead generation campaigns, all based on selling unique and top ranked products, together with effective support and tools.

#1 Ranked Technology.
Experts' Choice.

Award-winning security. Proven Excellence

With world leading quality comes recognition. Year after year, Bitdefender takes the most coveted awards in the industry. Certified by experts, our reputation for excellence has been noted by the media and the public.

Working together. Simple, easy and straightforward

Always in the know

We are always working to improve our products and tools, and we know our partners need to stay on top of things. By listening to our partners, we trust them and we value their feedback. That is why through our system of communication our partners won’t miss a thing.

Lifetime Recurrent & Protected Revenues.

Guaranteed paid performance

A key philosophy at Bitdefender is that continuous success comes when results are directly and generously rewarded. That is why our partners earn high margins and bonuses for outstanding performance.

  • Leading technology. Easy to deploy

    As a Bitdefender partner, you will deliver GravityZone, the unique security solution with the ability to reduce the total cost of securing endpoints in physical, virtualized and cloud environments, through highly efficient management and highest protection and performance.

  • Comprehensive support

    People are Bitdefender’s most precious asset. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, you will find that we have the right people to help you grow and succeed. Moreover, you get free sales and technical materials specifically created to assist you in positioning, selling and delivering Bitdefender security solutions.

  • New Opportunity Registration

    As a Bitdefender partner, you have access to great tools such as New Opportunity Registration, to reward you for identifying, developing and closing new deals. By registering every new opportunity, you get an extra margin for the specific deal and you are assured that all businesses are sealed, no matter their value.

  • Satisfied Users. Returning Customers

    Bitdefender’s pride in high-quality service and technology ensures the security and satisfaction of our users. The technology excellence translates into direct benefits for our partners. Customers save time by preventing infections, which results in reduced operational cost, and for partners, that means increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • Integrated tools

    As we never stop improving, we are constantly fine-tuning the system and introducing new features to meet your needs, such as the PAN portal, where you can find everything, 24/7, our eLearning platform that offers free online sales and technical courses and certifications for our solutions, or the Partner Locator.

  • Account Protection

    As a partner, you get Account Protection for sales of Bitdefender Business solutions. This ensures you will be the preferred partner to renew and develop new business in accounts that you’ve invested your time and effort into.

Online Affiliates

As a Bitdefender Affiliate, you get access to promote our multi award-winning security solutions and earn money by doing so. Become an Online Affiliate

3 Easy Steps To Resell Bitdefender

Your success is vital to ours. To realize the full benefits of the Bitdefender partnership, we recommend that you follow a few key steps:

Step 1. Sign-up

for the Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network by clicking the JOIN button, creating a brief company profile. You will automatically receive your credentials for the PAN portal.

Step 2. Discover

the #1 antivirus technology in the world! Learn all about Bitdefender products and gain a true understanding of the value and benefits they bring to you.

Step 3. Start

selling! Leverage the tools and the relationships you’ve forged with Bitdefender and its distribution system, to uncover new opportunities and close deals.

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