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Add, edit and move portlets in the Control Center dashboard from GravityZone

Control Center dashboard provides quick security overview of all protected endpoints and network status. Dashboard portlets display various real-time security information using easy-to-read charts, thus allowing you to quickly identify any issues that might require your attention.

This article explains how to add, edit and move portlets in Control Center dashboard.

Adding a new portlet to the dashboard

  1. Go to the Dashboard from the left-side menu.
  2. Click the Add Portlet button at the upper side of the console. The configuration window is displayed.
  3. Under the Details tab, configure the portlet details:
    • Endpoint type (Computers, Virtual Machines or Mobile Devices)
    • Type of background report
    • Suggestive portlet name
    • The time interval for the events to be reported
  4. Under the Targets tab, select the network objects and groups to include.
    add portlet
  5. Click Save.

Editing portlets

Some portlets offer status information, while other report on security events in the last period. You can check and configure the reporting period of a portlet by clicking the Edit Portlet icon on its title bar.

Moving portlets

  1. Go to the Dashboard page from the left-side menu.
  2. Click the Move Portlets button at the upper side of the console. The portlet map window is displayed.
  3. Drag and drop each portlet to the desired position. All other portlets between the new and old positions are moved preserving their order. You can move portlets only within the positions already taken.
    move portlet
  4. Click Save.

Video Tutorial

You can watch a video tutorial on the topic here.

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