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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes

Release date:

Fast Ring: 2018.03.26

Slow Ring: 2018.03.26

important Important:

This version is for Linux operating systems.

New Features and Improvements

  • Made several improvements to Support Tool. These include collecting additional information required for troubleshooting and the ability to collect system and installation logs without having the product installed (in case installation fails). The installation logs can now be found in /var/log/BitDefender.
  • Introduced a Signature Update fallback mechanism that loads the last working antimalware signatures in case of faulty updates.
  • Introduced a recovery mechanism for faulty signatures and product updates.
  • Better support for product crash reporting.
  • Added support for uninstalling the incompatible security product Sophos Antivirus.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue with the product crashing periodically on some machines using glibc versions older than 2.21.
  • Fixed an issue that caused, in some situations, the security policy to remain in pending state instead of applying on the endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where On-Access Scanning was reported running on systems with fanotify disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the product manual installation to fail when the installation path contained a space character.
  • Fixed an issue where the product was not removed properly after the installation failed.

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