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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes (Linux)

Release date:

Fast Ring: 2021.02.03

Slow Ring: 2021.02.08

New Features and Improvements


  • Improved the bduitool scan options as follows:
    • The command bduitool get scantask now returns a task identifier for each task in the list. The tasks in progress are listed first.
    • Every listed timestamp is now followed by the time zone.
    These improvements do not impact the current system requirements.
    For more information, refer to Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Linux User's Guide.

Resolved Issues


  • The product led to system crashes after updating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3.
  • A corrupted system configuration file (/etc/fstab) prevented successful reboots on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6.
  • The Bitdefender Crash Handler mechanism caused multiple applications to hang leading the system into an unresponsive state.
  • Oracle Linux Server systems with the security agent installed reported errors when elevated commands were run.

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