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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes (Linux)

Release date:

Fast Ring: 2019.06.26

Slow Ring: 2019.06.27

important Important:
  • This version is for Linux operating systems.
  • This version includes on slow ring all the improvements and fixes delivered with Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools versions and released on fast ring.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved EDR Sensor, which now reports incidents and suspicious activity to GravityZone.

Resolved Issues

  • The EDR module was not licensed when installed via a Reconfigure task.
  • In certain conditions, the product crashed on Debian 9 after updating the agent to version
  • The bduitool command returned the exit code 0 for both successful and failed statuses. Now for failed operations the command returns error codes different than 0.
  • In a particular case, Ubuntu 18.04 physical machine with the EDR module installed stopped.
  • High CPU usage occurred on Debian 9 Relay servers.

Known Issues

  • When running bduitool get ps command on endpoints with EDR Sensor installed, the feature status is always "Installed", even if the module is disabled or the kernel version is unsupported.

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