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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes (Linux)

Release date:

Fast Ring: 2019.10.30

Slow Ring: 2019.11.04

important Important: 
  • This version is for Linux operating systems.

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for configuring Antimalware exclusions in the GravityZone console by file hash or threat name.
  • Added support for configuring Antimalware Process exclusions in GravityZone console for the On-Access module.
  • Added support for wildcards when customizing Antimalware On-Access / On-Demand exclusions.Question mark (?) substitutes for one character, whereas asterisk (*) substitutes for any number of characters until the special character “ / ” is reached.
  • The product can now be installed at a configured custom path with the following restrictions:
    • All paths have to start with slash (/) – except %PROGRAMFILES%
    • Paths starting with /tmp or /proc are not accepted
    • Paths that contain a special character ($, !, *, ?, , , `, ‘\’, %) , including any type of parentheses are not accepted
  • The EDR sensor is now improved to reflect the current status more accurately.

Resolved Issues

  • Simultaneous contextual scans with bduitool resulted in only one local scan log.
  • Bitdefender Redline service triggered multiple cron failure notifications.
  • In certain situations, the On-Access module could not detect specific files on XFS partition.
  • The Contextual Scan archive limit size configured in the policy did not reflect on the endpoint.

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