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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes

Release date: 2016.04.14

important Important:
  • This version is for Windows operating systems.
  • Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools release notes include also the changes related to Microsoft Exchange Servers protection, a feature that may not be available for your Bitdefender GravityZone security pack.

  • New Features and Improvements
  • Resolved Issues
  • Known Issues
  • Limitations
  • New Features and Improvements

    File System Protection

    • You can now sort the events in scan logs.
    • Optimized the Bitdefender services stopping time.
    • Repairing a product installation now preserves the quarantined items.
    • On-access scanning now reports the path to files on which it cannot take any action.
    • Improved the built-in antimalware exclusions mechanism.
    • Improved the Browser Search Advisor.
    • Integrated OpenSSL version 1.0.1s.

    Resolved Issues

    File System Protection

    • Addressed several scenarios that were causing product crashes.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing Windows 10 systems to enter in recovery mode after installing the product and rebooting the machine.
    • Fixed a BSOD with a REFERENCE_BY_POINTER error, occurred on Windows 10 Professional x64 systems during scanning the encrypted folder C:WindowsCSC.
    • Fixed an issue at on-access scanning where infected files were skipped from backing up before disinfection.
    • Resolved error code 1460, received when running on-demand scan tasks.
    • Fixed an issue at Firewall profiles which were improperly set when using unusual network masks.
    • Fixed the %username% system variable improper translation to antimalware exclusions settings in Power User.
    • Fixed a compatibility issue with Wyse TCX Server running on Windows 2008 R2 systems.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing BSOD when trying to connect to a specific network.
    • Fixed an issue where Content Control was cropping incoming emails.
    • Resolved a BSOD that occurred in rare situations when installing the product with Content Control module.
    • Fixed Samsung S4 Mini drivers installation issue when using Device Control on Windows XP.
    • Fixed the notification color when Web Access Control is disabled.
    • Addressed a failed installation scenario in which the notification message improperly displayed the installation was successful.
    • Fixed the last update time displayed in the About window.
    • Fixed an issue with ATC that was causing backups to fail when using VSS and Veeam 8.
    • Fixed webpage load failure in Google Chrome version 38.0.2125.101 when ATC was enabled.
    • Several minor bug fixes.

    Exchange Protection

    • Fixed the case sensitive issue when using Domain IP Check.

    Known Issues

    File System Protection

    • The upgrade from Endpoint Security requires system reboot on Windows endpoints if Advanced Threat Control and the rootkit driver fail to unload.
    • The upgrade from Endpoint Security requires system reboot on Windows XP endpoints if the Firewall module was installed.
    • Removing the Firewall module on Windows XP endpoints requests a system reboot.
    • The Advanced Threat Control module is incompatible with Citrix EdgeSight.

    Exchange Protection

    • When two Exchange scan tasks are scanning simultaneously the same mailbox, some emails are not scanned. It is recommended to avoid running more than one Exchange scan at a time.
    • Product updates might stop running Exchange scan tasks, without sending the status change to Control Center.
    • The antimalware footer is not visible in digitally signed emails sent over Microsoft Exchange (MAPI) protocol.
    • When adding UTF-8 footer to an HTML or plain text MIME email with ISO-2022-JP encoding, the converted email may include slightly changed characters. However, this should not affect the overall readability and understanding of the text.


    Exchange Protection

    • Exchange on-demand scanning does not work when Powershell v1.0 is installed. In such cases, you must update Powershell to v2.0.
    • Meeting or task request emails cannot be modified.

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