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Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools Version Release Notes (Windows)

Release date:

Fast Ring: 2020.11.11

Slow Ring: 2020.11.17

New Features and Improvements


  • Added support for upcoming features available with the next GravityZone release.


  • Users can now be notified of blocked ransomware attacks discovered by the Ransomware Mitigation technology. The notification is available in the Event log of the local interface and includes details like the action taken and the origin of the attack.

Sandbox Analyzer

  • Traffic is now encrypted only by using the secure protocols TLSv1.2. For more information on the implementation of TLS 1.2, please refer to this KB.

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed an issue that caused several modules to be disabled or removed, even after reinstalling the product or reapplying the policy.
  • In a certain scenario, the Sandbox Analyzer policy settings were ignored after service startup.
  • The product failed to apply the policy settings in order to disable all the modules from the Network Protection section.


  • In certain conditions, using process exclusions with wildcards resulted in performance issues.
  • The endpoint improperly reported data to the GravityZone console leading to inaccurate information in the On-Demand Scanning report.


  • The Firewall module prevented several endpoints from gaining internet access after connecting to a hotspot generated by a Windows 10.
  • The Firewall module reverted the settings for a mobile adapter from Public to Trusted.

Network Protection

  • In certain situations, enabling SSL scan stopped loading several secure websites.
  • In a corner case, the product failed to scan traffic when the machine had an active L2TP VPN connection.
  • The SSL Scan option prevented access to a certain website when enabled.

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