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Cloning a Windows machine without Sysprep tool when the Bitdefender agent is installed

This article addresses the scenario where you use other solution than Microsoft Sysprep (such as VMWare QuickPrep) to create a Windows clone while the Bitdefender security agent is installed on.


When cloning a Windows system, Sysprep tool is able to reset the unique ID generated by the Bitdefender agent and used by GravityZone for identification. If creating a clone without resetting the ID, the machine will have duplicate entries in the GravityZone inventory.


note Note:
You must perform this solution before completing the Windows image and before to start deploying it on the machines.

When you cannot use Sysprep to reset the unique ID assigned to each managed machine, follows these steps:

  1. Create a batch file which must contain the following lines:
    cd %programfiles%\Bitdefender\Endpoint Security
    epag.exe /resetcomp

    If a custom path was used to install the Bitdefender agent, the path %programfiles%\Bitdefender\Endpoint Security must be replaced with the proper one.

    Alternately, you can run the above commands in Command Prompt with administrative rights.

  2. Turn off the machine and create the image.
  3. Restart the machine and the unique identifier will be regenerated.

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