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Email Security Initial Release Notes

Release date: 2019.10.29 

Email Security includes the following features:

  • Policy Engine is an out of the box system to control email delivery and filter messages through a comprehensive rule builder.
  • Connection Rules monitors connection attempt to and from mailboxes.
  • Email Authentication supports SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  • User Synchronization manages Active Directory users and groups.
  • Mailbox Synchronization synchronizes Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
  • Antispam technologies detect spam and sophisticated targeted phishing attacks.
  • Antimalware uses security content and behaviour to detect malware.
  • Quarantine uses a company-wide policy.
  • Safe and Deny Lists configures individual and company-wide lists.
  • Executive Tracking List detects users’ real names within the header and envelope address fields to protect against impersonation attacks.
  • Disclaimer adds an HTML text disclaimer to outbound emails.
  • Reports and Charts provide detailed visibility of mail flow, triggered rules, and taken actions.
  • Scheduled Reports link reports to schedules and sends alerts to recipients.

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