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Endpoint Security for Mac Release Notes

Release date: 2016.04.21

Resolved Issues

Resolved a critical issue that occurred in rare cases when the ID of an Active Directory user group could not be retrieved.

Known Issues

  • Cannot deploy Endpoint Security for Mac from cloud, only from the local network.
    note Note
    You may download and install setup package locally on the client.
  • Endpoint Security for Mac has only the antimalware module. Additionally, a toolbar may be installed for browser protection, filtering all web traffic and blocking any malicious content.
  • Computer policy features that apply to MAC computers concern only the Antimalware module, except for the Active Virus Control feature, which is unavailable in this case.
  • Product and signatures updates cannot be scheduled. Endpoint Security for Mac is set to update hourly.
  • Proxy settings do not apply. Endpoint Security for Mac can update only through proxy servers that do not require authentication.
  • The information related to email address, website and phone from About section cannot be configured through the policy.
  • If the computer is shut down when scan tasks are scheduled to run, the tasks do not start as soon as possible.
  • Endpoint Security for Mac does not respond to the request for information for On-demand Scanning report.
  • Quarantined files set to restore to custom locations will restore to the default location instead.


  • The Deny access action for On-Access antimalware policy will quarantine the file.

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