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Endpoint Security for Mac Release Notes

Release date:

Fast ring: 2017.11.06

Slow ring: 2017.11.06

New Features and Improvements

  • Introduced productConfigurationTool, a command line tool that allows you to:
    • Find out information about Endpoint Security for Mac: antimalware signatures version, product status (enabled or disabled), product version and the time of the last update.
    • Run scanning tasks.
    • Prevent unauthorized usage of this tool by third-party applications. As a temporary measure, this feature requires a password available at Bitdefender Business Support.
  • Improved the Encryption module management by limiting the encryption passwords to 30 characters.
  • The encryption passwords are not stored anymore in Keychain upon uninstalling or reconfiguring the product.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue affecting some MacBook computers connected only to Wi-Fi, where the endpoints seemed to disappear from GravityZone network inventory due to a hardware identity conflict.
  • Fixed the incomplete volume status displayed under the Encryption module, in the German user interface of the product.
  • Fixed a user interface issue where, in some cases, the content of Malware warning window was displayed inverted.

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