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Endpoint Security for Mac Version Release Notes

Release date:

  • Fast ring: 2020.04.06
  • Slow ring: -

New Features and Improvements

  • Added support for moving endpoints between companies in GravityZone Control Center.
  • Improved the product graphical interface in macOS dark mode.

Resolved Issues

  • The Content Control module blocked certain websites on networks with proxy servers, when Traffic Scan was enabled.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with some apps and services that caused the following issues:
    • System freeze when using the Box app.
    • Blocked devices when using the Cast feature in Google Chrome.
    • Blocked online radio station when activating Telenet Safespot Guard.
  • The product caused high CPU usage and system freeze in certain scenarios.
  • The product blocked USB storage devices for Apple Mobile Accounts, although the GravityZone policy was configured to allow access.
  • The History section displayed incorrect product and engine versions.
  • The About section displayed an incorrect link to Technical Support.
  • The product interface displayed an incomplete status message in Polish.

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