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Endpoint Security for Mac Version Release Notes

Release date:

  • Fast ring: 2021.02.02
  • Slow ring: 2021.02.11
important Important:
This version also includes all the improvements and fixes delivered with versions and, previously released on fast ring only.

New Features and Improvements

Content Control

  • Added support for Content Control in macOS Big Sur.

    Starting with version 11.2 of the operating system, the Content Control module is compatible with other network extensions, such as Cisco AnyConnect VPN. On Big Sur versions before 11.2, Content Control enters the passthrough mode and does not filter any connection.

    For details on how Endpoint Security for Mac works on macOS Big Sur, refer to this article.

    important Note:
    This version of Endpoint Security for Mac runs on Apple machines with M1 processors through Rosetta 2 (no native compatibility).

Resolved Issues


  • Using the product in silent mode created performance issues due to high memory usage.

Content Control

  • On macOS versions before Big Sur, the Content Control module prevented large files from being uploaded while using services such as Microsoft OneDrive,, and

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