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GravityZone (Cloud-Based) Release Notes for April 16th, 2016 Update

GravityZone (cloud-based) protects business systems with a centralized policy-based control, real-time visibility into the security status, and does not require on-site server hardware or maintenance as it is hosted by Bitdefender.

This article provides information on the changes delivered with the Bitdefender GravityZone (cloud-based) update released on April 16th, 2016.

note Note:
These release notes refer to features that may not be present in your GravityZone solution, such as Exchange Protection.


New Features and Improvements

  • You can now define location-aware policies. For example, you can apply more restrictive firewall rules when users connect to the internet from outside the company.
    To support this new feature, a series of changes have been made to Control Center:
    • Added the Policies > Assignation Rules page, where you can specify the situations in which the policies apply.
    • The Information window has a special tab to show policy information related to the endpoint. In this tab you can view which settings are in use on the selected endpoint.
    • The Policy Compliance report details contain more columns, showing which policy is active, the policy type and when it was applied. To customize which columns to view, click the Columns button at the upper right side of the table.
    • When adding exceptions through the Blocked Applications report, you can specify on which of the associated policies to apply.
    • User Activity logs include actions related to policy assignation rules.
  • Improved the policy creation process by adding the option to set specific sections to be inherited from other policies.
  • Improved some error messages for failed installation tasks.
  • Added details about changes made to the mail server, proxy and backup settings to the user activity logs.
  • Partners can now view to which company belongs an item in Network Inventory.
important Important:
Location-aware policies and policy module inheritance are compatible only with these security agents:
  • On Windows: Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools or later
  • On Linux: Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools or later
  • On Mac OS X: Endpoint Security for Mac or later

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed a validation issue that prevented renewing the license key when the company was not linked to a MyBitdefender account.
  • Managed endpoints under the Deleted folder in Network Inventory no longer consume license seats.
  • Fixed several issues at the user interface.
  • Fixed a display issue at plain text notification emails.
  • Added missing operating systems in the Feedback Form.
  • Fixed several translation issues.

Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Fixed the missing details for Security Server in the Information window, after Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools update to version
  • Resolved a situation in which only the Information window displayed that the computer had issues.
  • Fixed an issue occurred on Internet Explorer when exporting the antimalware exclusions from the policy settings.
  • Fixed the Power User password preserving issue when cloning policies.
  • Fixed the delayed response when searching items in the policy > Device Control > Exclusions table.
  • Addressed a validation issue occurred when trying to use wildcards to define antimalware exclusions.
  • Fixed the display limit to 20 items in the Networks table from Firewall settings.
  • Fixed the issue with negative values at the update interval setting in the policy.
  • Addressed a validation issue at update interval settings that caused automatic updates to stop.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to view the Malware Activity report for a specific computer, from inside of the Top 10 Detected Malware report.
  • Fixed missing information related to Mac endpoints from the Policy Compliance report.

Exchange Protection

  • Fixed an issue with attachment filtering rules configured to detect all attachments except specific types, which detected only the excluded attachment types instead.
  • Fixed an error message for failed restore from Exchange quarantine.

Known Issues


  • The Login from new device notification does not include the IP of the unrecognized device.
  • When upgrading the security agent through a relay, the status message in the Details section of the Task Status window is empty for successfully finished tasks.

Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • The Advanced Threat Control module is not compatible with Citrix EdgeSight.
  • On-demand scans tasks do not run on MacBookPro 10.1.
  • When location-aware policy is active, exclusions for items restored from quarantine apply to the device policy.
  • The Applied/Pending column in the Policies page displays the status for device policies.
  • After a policy is modified, its status from computer details does not change from Applied to Pending, although it is reapplied immediately.

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