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How to force re-synchronization of Active Directory and vCenter integrations in GravityZone

GravityZone allows you to integrate with Active Directory and vCenter Server to reduce the effort of deploying and managing protection for physical and virtual machines.


In some cases, the Active Directory and vCenter inventories may not be visible in GravityZone Control Center because of a synchronization issue. To overcome this problem, you need to force the re-synchronization of each integration.


Re-synchronize Active Directory Integration

  1. Go to Configuration > Active Directory > Domains.
  2. Select the Active Directory integration from the list.
  3. Click the Force Re-Sync button from the action toolbar.

Re-synchronize vCenter Integration

  1. Go to Configuration > Virtualization Providers.
  2. Click the Edit button of the vCenter Server integration you are interested in, from the Action column of the table.
  3. In the configuration window, click the Save button to force re-synchronization.

Video Tutorial

You can watch a video tutorial on the topic here.

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