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How to install the GravityZone security agent on Linux machines (cloud)

You will find hereinafter a detailed procedure for installing the GravityZone security agent on a Linux virtual machine, including how to download the appropriate installation package to the machine, unpack the archive and manually install it via a terminal session.

  1. In GravityZone Control Center, go to Network > Packages.
  2. Select the installation package you want to use. If there is no package available, create one and select it.
  3. Click the Send download links button at the upper side of the page.
    GravityZone Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Linux installation link
  4. Type the email address you want to use for downloading the package in the appropriate field, and then press Enter. You will have to access this email account from the virtual machine where you want to install the security agent.
  5. Click Send. A predefined email containing the security agent download links will be sent to the specified address in a few minutes.
  6. Connect to the Linux virtual machine where you want to install the security agent, and access the email account previously used.
  7. Open the email from Bitdefender and click the Linux installer link, to download the Linux installation package to the virtual machine.
    note     Note: The installer first downloads the full installation package from the Bitdefender cloud servers. It is small-sized and it can be run both on 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  8. Open a terminal session on the Linux virtual machine using an account with administrative privileges.
  9. Run the following commands to unpack and run the installer:
    cd /root
    tar –xvf installer.tar
    chmod +x installer
    note     Note: The cd /root command is an example for specifying the virtual machine folder where you have transferred the downloaded installation archive. The package name mentioned above is also an example. You must enter the name of the specific package you have downloaded.
  10. Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for Linux will be installed in a few moments. To check that the agent has been installed on the endpoint, run this command:
    $ service bd status

In a few minutes after the security agent has been installed, the endpoint will show up as managed in the GravityZone network inventory.

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