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Kaseya VSA Integration with GravityZone Release Notes - June 7th 2018 Update

Release date: 2017-06-07

Minimum plugin version:

New Features and Improvements

  • Added in the Kaseya inventory the ability to exclude organizations and groups from synchronization and installation. The new options, Exclude from Sync and Exclude from Install, are available in the contextual menu accessed from the Network Inventory tree.
  • The organizations are now displayed by OrgRef, the ID of the organization, instead of OrgName, the organization name. You can see OrgName when you hover the mouse over OrgRef.
  • Added the option to filter the Network Inventory. When enabled, the option Show only matches will display only the entities that match the search criteria.
  • You can reinstall the Bitdefender VSAZ plugin with the same version over the existing one, without having to uninstall it first. This feature is especially useful when you delete the Agent Procedures from Kaseya by accident and you need to recreate them.
  • The icon marking unsynchronized items has been redesigned.
  • Added an icon marking items that generated synchronization events. These events are visible in the Events page.
  • When accessing the Inventory page, a pop-up message informs you of the synchronization events that you did not handle yet.
  • The search mechanism in the Search tree field now supports the following attributes:
    • Entity name (for example Company-001)
    • Entity type (group, organization)
    • Entity synchronization status (events, sync_exclude, install_exclude, not_synced).
note Note:

You do not need to reinstall or update Bitdefender VSAZ to take advantage of these new features.

Resolved Issues

  • In inventories with a large number of endpoints, the installation procedure was not always scheduled properly. The issue is now fixed.

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