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Release Notes for Kaseya VSA Integration with GravityZone (May 2019)

Release date: 2019.05.02

Minimum plugin version:

New Features and Improvements


You can now set the Kaseya Agent names as labels for associated endpoints in GravityZone. This provides more endpoint information when you manage network objects in GravityZone.

Kaseya Inventory Synchronization

The inventory synchronization task has been optimized for synchronizing large inventories.


The following contextual menu operations have been renamed for clarity:

  • Synchronize is now Synchronize inventory.
  • Install is now Synchronize agents.
  • Exclude from Sync is now Exclude from inventory synchronization.
  • Exclude from Install is now Exclude from agents synchronization.
  • Include for Sync is now Include for inventory synchronization.
  • Include for Install is now Include for agents synchronization.


The following notification messages have been changed, making its information more detailed:

  • Synchronization task running is now Inventory synchronization task running.
  • Synchronization task running is now Inventory synchronization task ended successfully.
  • Installation task running is now Agents synchronization task running.
  • Installation task ended successfully is now Agents synchronization has been successfully started. Hint: Review Agent Procedure Status for intermediate status.


You can now synchronize companies with a trial license key. Associated child companies inherit the trial subscription.


Security fixes and improvements address issues such as tenant access and plugin upgrade.

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