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Release Notes for Kaseya VSA Integration with GravityZone Update (September 2018)

Release date: 2018.09.17

Minimum plugin version:

New Features and Improvements

  • You can now choose to run a scheduled automatic deployment and configure it according to your needs via several options, such as setting up the time interval that you choose for starting the task, or specifying how many deployments can run within an hour.
  • New custom field available in Manage Agents page, displaying the status of the Bitdefender agent deployment task (installed, reboot required, failed).
  • In all situations when the installation process requires reboot, from now on the plugin configures the installer to resume the deployment after reboot. At the same time, the installation process will not require to download the installation package again, thus minimizing the bandwidth usage.
  • Added support for installing the Bitdefender agent on legacy Windows systems (Windows Vista and Windows XP).

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed several Bitdefender agent deployment failures.
  • Deployment exit code 3010 is no longer considered a successful code with recommended restart. With this update, restarting the endpoint is a requirement, to ensure that the deployment succeeds.
important Important:

With this release, for the Bitdefender agent deployment to work, you will need to update your Bitdefender Connector plugin to version. For more details, refer to the Update Bitdefender Connector chapter of Bitdefender Kaseya VSA Integration Guide.

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