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Troubleshooting Active Directory integration with GravityZone

Bitdefender GravityZone provides full visibility into organizations’ overall security posture, global security threats, and control over its security services that protect virtual or physical desktops, servers and mobile devices. All Bitdefender’s Enterprise Security solutions are managed within the GravityZone through a single console, Control Center, that provides control, reporting, and alerting services for various roles within the organization.


Through Active Directory integration, the existing Active Directory inventory is imported into Control Center, simplifying security deployment, management, monitoring and reporting. Additionally, Active Directory users can be assigned different user roles in Control Center.

The most common error messages when configuring the Active Directory integration are related to:

1. Connectivity between GravityZone machine and domain controller or DNS resolution issues.

GravityZone appliance is not able to resolve the name of the domain or is not able to reach the domain controller. Use the following steps to investigate this:

- Verify the network settings configured for GravityZone (especially the gateway and DNS servers);
- Make sure that the IP assigned to GravityZone is not being used by another device within your network;
- Make sure the appliance can reach the domain controller port 389 or 636 if you have SSL authentication enabled:

# telnet dc_name port
# telnet dc_name port

- Make sure the appliance can resolve the domain name and domain controller name:

# ping domain_name
# ping dc_name

2. “Invalid username or password” - The username and password couldn’t be validated.

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot this:

- Make sure the username and the password configured in Control Center are correct (login to a domain machine or domain controller with the same credentials or try using another account).
- If it is a new account created for the integration, the option “User must change password at next logon” must be disabled.

3. If you are unable to save the AD settings or after pressing Save button the screen frozen connect SSH to GravityZone machine and check:

- RabbitMQ service is started on the GravityZone machine:

# service rabbitmq-server status

- RabbitMQ cluster status:

# rabbitmqctl cluster_status

- Processors status:

# ps aux | grep php

Should the above steps not resolve the issue, contact the Bitdefender Support Team attaching full logs together with outputs from the above commands.

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