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Troubleshooting Bitdefender Endpoint Security error message 1002 during an update

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This article applies to Endpoint Security, Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (for Windows and Linux) and Endpoint Security for Mac.

Error 1002 stands for "Could not resolve server" and it is received when the endpoint cannot resolve the hostname of the remote update server.

This is usually a DNS problem and you need to make sure that the endpoint can properly resolve the update server hostname.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. From the endpoint target machine, send a ping request to the update server hostname and verify what IP address it resolves:

    Ping update_server_IP

    Ping update_server_hostname

  2. If the IP address does not correspond with the one assigned to the update server, then you can try to send the following command to the endpoint machine to reset the DNS:

    ipconfig /flushdns

If the situation persists, you need to run the troubleshooting process on your DNS server and make sure that the update server name is resolved properly by the machines in the network. More specifically, verify the entries in the DNS server and make sure they exist and the hostname and IP is correct.

Until this is fixed, the only workaround is to change the update server format in the GravityZone policy, from hostname to IP address. For example:

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To speed up troubleshooting, please also provide support tool logs from the affected workstation and associated relay/appliance. Read also this KB to learn how to use the GravityZone LogCollector for troubleshooting.

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